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Effect of masturbation on memory

Effect of masturbation on memory

Masturbating is a safe and healthy practice. There’s nothing wrong with masturbating until it becomes an addiction. Masturbating makes you happy by releasing a hormone called dopamine which is also called the happiness hormone. Many myths and misconceptions are spreading about masturbation that it is harmful to us physically and mentally too. The most commonly believed myth is masturbation can cause memory loss. 

Can masturbation cause memory loss?

The answer is both yes and no. Masturbation helps you keep active, release happy hormones, make you sexually more interactive with your partner, and help you try out your fantasies and it doesn’t cost you anything to perform it. However, there is a limit to everything. Healthy masturbation is necessary and good for you and has no potential side effects on your brain or your memory but masturbating heavily can have adverse effects. According to a study masturbation is started in the absence of a partner, and to try out fantasies.

Those negative effects mainly include effects on the brain, its function, and memory. Masturbating excess can become an addiction, that forms guilt in you, and won’t give you satisfaction during love-making activities. Thus compulsive masturbation leads to the draining of the hormones that are released during the activity, mainly the hormone called ‘acetylcholine’ which is important for memory and concentration. So exhausting this hormone might lead to memory loss and loss of focus.

What does masturbation do to the brain?

Masturbate directly affects the brain, as during that activity lot of hormones are released that affect the brain both positively and negatively at the same time.

  • Dopamine is released, it is a happiness hormone, that makes you feel relaxed and relieved from stress.
  • Endorphins are pain relief hormones that soothe your brain from anxiety and other external pain you have.
  • Oxytocin hormone is also called the love hormone, during this time it makes it easier for you to get connected or make some bond with a person of interest easily.
  • Testosterone is related to stamina, this improves your sex drive and stamina and is the reason behind your sexual fantasies.
  • Lastly, prolactin is released which directly involves how your mood is and affects the immune system too.

These many hormones are released at the same time to give you a heavenly feeling during the climax, which is good for you, as you feel relaxed and happy. But doing it excessively can alter the levels of these hormones in your body and directly affects your brain in a bad way.

Is masturbation bad for your brain?

Masturbation has both positive and negative effects on the brain, the negative effects include:

1. Addiction

Masturbation feels heavenly during the initial stages but once the limit is reached the next thing you get is an addiction. The moment you feel bored the only thing your brain thinks of is masturbating. This condition is also called compulsive sexual behavior where most of the time you think about masturbating.

2. Decreased sexual drive

Increased masturbation can lead to a decrease in your performance in love-making activities. The sexual drive also gets affected as the fantasies don’t work out as they did during masturbating. 

3. Loss of interest in sex

You will eventually lose interest in doing sex with your partner and rather you prefer doing it on your own. As the happiness, you get masturbation is more satisfactory than the ones you get during sex. And during masturbation, there are no limits for you, while during sex you have boundaries.

4. Mood effects

Mood can be affected in a great way. It is common for people who excessively masturbate can have a variety of mood changes within seconds. They feel depressed, sad, and angry at easy things and sometimes have no reason to. They feel happy too, but it's mostly during masturbation.

Masturbation effects on brain

There are no scientific proofs that masturbation causes brain damage. But it is known that masturbating excessively leads harms the brain. It brings us the feeling of guilt, for doing it often, and cheating feels like you have a partner. In the long term, you get depressed, because the intercourse no longer feels great like masturbation does, the guilt of not making it up to your partner, the guilt of society being against masturbation thing and other factors can push you deep into depression. Depression is worse than any other harmful disease. Depression affects the brain, which disturbs our social and mental life. But then again, you are not alone, most people do masturbate, and there’s no wrong in exploring yourself until it's at a limit. Once the limit crosses then there are consequences.

What exactly is effected by masterbation?

Our whole body is affected by masturbation. Masturbation is self-exploration in terms of love-making. One can find themselves there, one can lose themselves too. A person is affected both positively and negatively by a masturbation and that is quite common. You get happy, get confident, your stamina increases, your sex drive increases, clear your bucket list fantasies and get into a relaxed state. At the same time, you get tired, due to energy lost during the activity, you feel drowsy for a while, and if the climax isn’t good your mood stays worse for a while. Apart from that masturbation, can show no muscle improvement if it is done before the workout or right after a workout.

Take Away

Masturbation or not is a personal choice. Masturbation is good until it is done to a limit, but doing it in excess can lead to serious health issues. There are several myths about how masturbation affects us, but most of them are not true. Because masturbation is about solely you enjoying yourself. Commonly, we don’t usually have someone to discuss these topics with. But if a problem persists always take doctors' help without delay. 


1. Does masturbation increase dopamine?

During masturbation variety of hormones is released. That also includes dopamine which can also be called the happiness hormone, which makes your brain feel relieved.

2. Does jerking off make you tired?

Yes, jerking off involves a lot of physical activity, based on the involvement and how rigorous the movement is the tired you get. 

3. Does masturbating reduce energy?

Masturbation decreases energy but that is very minimal. It is because of the energy we put into the activity. But then the energy consumed can be very low and can be ignored.

4. Does masturbation decrease motivation?

Masturbating doesn’t decrease motivation decreased motivation is the main reason for masturbation in the first place.


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